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Board of Directors

WYHA Board Meetings

The WYHA Board of Directors meets every month.  If you have an item that you would like to discuss with the board, please email at least one week in advance of the meeting. Include your name, phone number and items for discussion. You will receive a confirmation email that a time slot has been reserved for your topic.

Each member that has submitted a request will be given 10 minutes to discuss their topic.  Only members that have submitted a request will be allowed to address the Board of Directors. Each month the board has numerous items to discuss, this will allow us have an efficient and effective meeting.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Executive Board Members

Justin Metcalf

President - MWAHA Representative

Ben Kutz

Vice President

Amy Schaefer


Brad Meyer

Jr. Hawk Treasurer

Weylon Heiser

Warrior Treasurer

Board Members

Ben Buckley

High School Representative

Todd Burch

High School Representative

Ryan Bushbaum

Pee Wee / Bantam Representative

Charlotte Bushbaum

Pee Wee / Bantam Representative

Brent Westphal

House League Representative

Jason Dobes

Coaches Representative

Justin Kerns

Squirt Representative - MWAHA Representative

Jason Verbraken

Squirt Representative

Meeting Minutes